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The perfect connection between jewelry and fragrance could only come from one place: the creative mind of Biranit Oxhorn. An ardent jewelry designer, aromatherapy expert, and a strong believer in “dreaming and doing,” Biranit set out to find a way to combine her life’s passions – exquisitely designed jewelry and the enchanting fragrances of essential oils.


Biranit believes that the small things in life – the ones that make our hearts skip a beat – are the most extraordinary and exhilarating. And it is precisely this tingling sensation of excitement at the world’s wondrous surprises that she wanted to express creatively. She values all that is sensual in life, and treasures its potential for curiosity and renewal. She is also a true optimist, and her natural joy, excitement and free-flowing creativity were qualities she was determined to share with those around her.


This spirit is infused into each detail, in every piece, and is conveyed through her magnificent design aesthetic.


" My daughters were very enthusiastic about the necklaces I chose them. Thanks for everything and especially for your service."



“I got such wonderful compliments about the jewelry. It feels amazing. ”



“I love all your fragrances, but the upbeat fragrance is my favorite. Very unique and special. Thank you.”


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