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Calliope L

Calliope L

Bead Chain Necklace with a Satin Finish Locket

Simple yet stunning, the Calliope L is a princess-length necklace designed to rest its slim, smooth pendant near the top of your breastbone. This piece can shine alone, or be worn in combination with semi-precious stones jewelry. However you choose to style it, the Calliope L adds to a sleek, effortless look that conveys great confidence.

•.925 sterling silver chain (length: 20.7 inches/52.5 cm , width: 0.1 inches/2.5 mm)
•.925 sterling silver locket (length: 1.5 inches/38 mm, width: 0.6 inches/15 mm)
•Magnetic clasp

  • Details

    Cleaning the Locket
    Be sure to clean your OXHORN piece with care once from time to time. By simply wiping the inside of the locket gently with a small amount of alcohol, your necklace or bracelet will retain its beauty and purity.

    Do not wet the jewelry once the fragrance strip is inside, and be sure to store your jewelry in a dry, shaded area when you are not wearing it
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