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Brown Leather Braided 3 Wraps Bracele

Naturally strong and timelessly fashionable, the braid represents interwoven harmony, making this bracelet the perfect complement for your style and personal philosophy alike. The Crowned Bracelet is a unique piece with a soft neutral leather braid that warms up even your most refined evening attire.

•Braided leather (width: 0.16 inches / 4 mm)
•Round .925 sterling silver pendant

  • Details

    Cleaning the Locket
    Be sure to clean your OXHORN piece with care once from time to time. By simply wiping the inside of the locket gently with a small amount of alcohol, your necklace or bracelet will retain its beauty and purity.

    Do not wet the jewelry once the fragrance strip is inside, and be sure to store your jewelry in a dry, shaded area when you are not wearing it
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