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About the Kit & Fragrance Strips

Along with your selected jewelry, you will choose a fragrance which comes in a kit includes a small bottle containing 0.084 oz. / 2.5 ml of essential oils and 20 fragrance strips in a sealed air-tight bag.

The fragrance strips are made from a material that is best suited to absorb the essential oils, and does not contain any plastic material or chemical substances that could negatively counteract the oils.


Preparing and Inserting the Strips


  • First, shake the essential oils bottle

  • Gently open the locket of your Oxhorn piece and insert the saturated fragrance strip

  • Avoid wetting the jewelry once the fragrance strip is inside

  • Be sure to store your essential oils bottle in a dry, shaded area

  • Fragrances should be replaced after one week, or after the fragrance subsides

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